Real Estate software development
COAX software develops scalable and resilient real estate solutions for real estate tech companies, independent agents, and their clients.
Real Estate expertise
We've got extensive experience in creating complex databases, property management applications, and marketplaces with comprehensive UI/UX design.
Our professionals artfully combine real estate and technology to boost sales, improve user experience, and streamline routine tasks for agents.
Are you ready to optimize your workflow with a
customized real estate solution?
  • Real estate database software. We develop high-load databases to help you keep all of the data in one place and track your leads effortlessly.
  • Applications for real estate managers. Our solutions optimize workflows for real estate agents and automate daily tasks. Work on tasks that matter and leave routine for a custom-built app.
  • Real estate CRM. We've got experience building CRMs for real estate companies. We integrate CRMs with third-party solutions for better analytics and marketing efforts.
  • Property management applications. We build apps to help you manage your properties on the go and integrate them with reporting, analytics, marketing, and other useful tools.
  • Real estate web design. Intuitive user interfaces result in positive customer experience and loyalty. We specialize in web design for real estate that combines functionality and aesthetics.
  • Real estate ERP systems. ERPs give you a 360-degree outlook onto your business processes. We help you develop a customized solution exactly for your needs and goals.
Let's skyrocket your business with real estate software built and customized to your goals
Tell us about your project
See how we helped our clients achieve great
results by implementing technology in real estate
  • Propertalis
    Propertalis is a platform for the London market that matches property owners with freelance real estate agents.
  • CityLive
    CityLive is a platform that allows its users to rent and purchase property in Ukrainian cities.
See why you should choose us as a reliable partner
for your real estate business
  • Expertise in building real estate solutions. For the last 10 years, we've built more than 10 projects in real estate with our clients. Our expertise covers plenty of solutions: from high-load CRMs and ERPs to property platforms and rental marketplaces.
  • Projects that operate in the real estate market. Did you know that as much as 14% of IT projects don't reach the market? We've been building real estate software with worldwide and local clients that successfully entered the market and achieved business goals. is a platform that allows its users to rent and purchase property in Ukrainian cities.
  • Dedicated development teams. We offer dedicated development teams that complement your in-house team for better results. We're your reliable tech partners with a business-oriented approach rather than just a team of developers.
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technology companies
Real Estate IDX: Pros and Cons of Building Your Own IDX Software
COAX Software
5 min read
For real estate agents, IDX integration is something that seems complex, but doesn't need to be. When really, this is something that every real estate agent needs on their website, and isn’t something that should cause concern. In this article, we cover what IDX websites for realtors means, and why real estate agents benefit from integrating an IDX feature into websites. Real estate customers, whether they're looking for a new house or commercial property, also benefit from the use of IDX software.
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5 Key Real Estate Trends That Emerged During The COVID-19 Pandemic
COAX Software
3 min read
As nearly every existing branch of the global economy, the real estate industry was heavily influenced by COVID-19. Some of the consequences were obvious, but some of them turned out to be quite surprising to the buyers, sellers, and even experienced real estate agents. For nearly half of the year of the pandemic span, the dynamics of supply and demand on the real estate market have fluctuated, with emerging real estate industry trends replacing one another, from virtual tours to advanced real estate software development. Some observations and statistics have proved a few real estate industry trends that will reshape the market in the long run.
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Streamline your processes to reduce time, costs, and improve productivity.

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