Real Estate IDX: Pros and Cons of Building Your Own IDX Software

For real estate agents, IDX integration is something that seems complex, but doesn't need to be. When really, this is something that every real estate agent needs on their website, and isn’t something that should cause concern.

In this article, we cover what IDX websites for realtors means, and why real estate agents benefit from integrating an IDX feature into websites. Real estate customers, whether they're looking for a new house or commercial property, also benefit from the use of IDX software.

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5 Key Real Estate Trends That Emerged During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As nearly every existing branch of the global economy, the real estate industry was heavily influenced by COVID-19. Some of the consequences were obvious, but some of them turned out to be quite surprising to the buyers, sellers, and even experienced real estate agents.

For nearly half of the year of the pandemic span, the dynamics of supply and demand on the real estate market have fluctuated, with emerging real estate industry trends replacing one another, from virtual tours to advanced real estate software development. Some observations and statistics have proved a few real estate industry trends that will reshape the market in the long run.

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COAX Software Named Top Developer in Ukraine by Clutch

In the fast-paced world of technology startups, it can seem nearly impossible to market your company as a leading authority in your field. There will always be bigger companies that have seemingly endless resources at their disposal. A surefire way to get your name into the hearts and minds of your ideal customer base is to implement a useful solution for your clients’ convenience. If you’re unsure who to partner with, COAX Software has got your back!

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